Beautifully awkward, uncertain gait and conscious smile

Emerging from the station.

Taut leggings over teen-toned legs a few years shy of inevitability

Pret Amour 13/07/12

She crossed King William St in my direction Breton striped and Ballet pumped. Unlike me, she had the presence of mind to purchase filters for her roll-ups thin-lipped and porcelain. We could have made plans to leave the city For a weekend by the sea.

Pret Amour 12/07/12

Her name was Laura This information I gleaned from the Natwest Gold Card with which she paid for her flat white and pain au raisin I paid for mine with my HSBC Advance card She looked the type who would be interested to learn I am switching to the Co-op for ethical reasons Short pale […]

The Inaugural #lawblogs – a brief review

Another day another tweet up. More foot shuffling and mild embarrassment at meeting with people you may have talked to on a daily basis but have never actually met, compounded by my own personal horror of referring to real people by internet nick-names – ‘Ah, so you’re at flexible_law_goth_nymph69?’ Despite myself I actually enjoy these […]

I Depart the National Bank of Austro-Hungary

I am finally set to leave the bank for a big shiny law firm. I shall miss my trips to Vienna; the coffee shops, strolling down the Mariahilferstrasse and, while waiting for a box of paperwork to be de-filed, taking in the sights of the Maria-Theresien Platz. I have been asked to write my own […]

Tales from the National Bank of Austro-Hungary

Today I have invented my own piece of corporo-babble ‘Action creep’. Action creep comes about when you have so many meetings that you can’t action the actions from the last meeting in time as you are in more meetings getting more actions. And so they then build up. Do not get me started on what […]

Fragments #11 – In Agro Belgico

– This is the last in a series of eleven and a half posts leading up to Remembrance Day. The following was written as a guest post for eminent legal blogger Charon QC and can also be found on his website – It is with honour and a sense of trepidation that I have been […]

Fragments #10

Two Fragments: 1. We were training to become detachment commanders in a mortar platoon. Three of us, one on each tube, each with two other guys in our team. The commander would call out the coordinates and we would shout them back and adjust our mortars accordingly only Stu could never remember them. I would […]

Fragments #9 – Prostitutes, a Valiant Rearguard

*Quick disclaimer* The purpose of these fragments hasn’t been to pull up a sandbag and tell war stories, it has been to give people a glimpse into the life of a soldier in today’s army going through the near continual cycle of operational tours and everything that goes with it. */Quick Disclaimer* We flew into […]

Fragments #8 – The Train Robbery

I’ve had a few people asking if the wanking story was true, I can honestly tell you that was, as was this one… We had been briefed that there were no working trains in Iraq and the tracks had all been destroyed or stolen so it came as no surprise when we got crashed out […]